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SIWA6LSGA7The attachment named Image.xxxx is internally used by DWA for inline image, and such name is restricted in DWA. With this fix, the format is checked...
ESPR7XAKW5File version numbering system has been updated for upload control ActiveX.
DMAS7X7KS2Opening an attachment (instead of 'editing' it) saves modified data to document.
Opening & modifying an attachment and then 'editing' it results in...
NBJC7WU7WYError "The installation of Lotus iNotes 8.5 Control has been blocked or declined by the user" was displayed after choosing to install the ActiveX...
JSSI7YEA2WFixed a problem where the Chinese DBCS name attachment could not be downloaded from iNotes if the server locale was English.
SHEZ84BJPJWhen trying to attach files in a calendar entry, an invalid message "This document already contains a file with the same name" is shown even if a...
MJON7ZLLKNFixed a problem where a messsage would display a subset of attachments in the HTML file attachment area for a message with a large number of file...
JSSI7W8926Unable to set operating system file associations when opening attachments from within Notes on the Mac.
ALAS84K2CPFixed a problem where attachments became duplicated if multiple messages with an attachment were forwarded at once. This regression was introduced...
KRAU7XUMP4Fixed problem where enabling the "right double-click to close window" preference disables right clicking attachments that are shown with HTML link...
MKIA7PZEMBFixed a decoding problem with downloading certain file attachment names that start or end with a "%" character
NBJC7Z9DLBFixed problem with file upload on email send to a configured Quickr server.
SDOY7ZUKZ2Addressed issues saving and opening a Tar.gz file attachment
ABUI7VAMRJFixed problems with sending mail with an attachment when using iNotes_WA_DisableRecodeMIMECharset=1, such that the attachment is of HostType...
HHIE85RDKZ Fixed problem with when reading a message sent by an iNotes user and attempting to open a link to a Quickr that contains a DBCS file attachment...
SDOY7FZCKHPrior to this fix some attachments were not being saved because it appeared they were not modified.
BHUY7VWGBSThis SPR fixes an intermittent crash when trying to save a file attachment.
BJGY82ZMUDFixed a rare problem where attachments could not be deleted. Attempting to delete them would result in the error message 'There is no attachment'...
JADS7ZFS7CPrior to this fix, rarely and intermittently attachments on emails received from the internet could not be opened/viewed/edited/saved and the error...


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